Secrets of Oerth

A Dark Chapter

Dragging the massive beast slowed the party down immensely. But that was only the beginning of their problems.

After walking for a couple of hours, the party was ambushed by wild elves. Though they managed to defeat the elves, the party was not unharmed by this fight.

They were already beginning to feel tired of all the action, when they encountered a massive wolf – a direwolf in fact. Luckily for them, the direwolf haven’t spotted them so they had some time to react. But things were about to take a turn for the worse. Baltezar and Aldun Greenbottle set the trap up and Raijingeki climbed a nearby tree hoping the beast won’t be able to reach him there. A bloody fight followed. The great beast was caught in the deadly trap but still managed to slay the duskblade quickly. Seeing what happened to his ally, Aldun climbed the tree. He then started releasing arrows with Raijingeki.

But then, in a stroke of misfortune, the beast managed to free itself from the jaws of the trap and Raijingeki fell from the tree. That was the end of Raijingeki, as the beast killed him with a single strong bite. Luckily for Aldun, the direwolf was badly hurt. He was able to put it down with a single well placed arrow.

The situation was desperate. Aldun, a halfling, was unable to drag the bodies, let alone the wolverine. But then he remembered that he had a whistle. With nothing to lose, he blew the whistle and lo and behold, a patrol from Halkirk appeared. The party was saved. Well, three of the four that went on the hunt were dead, but death is just a minor inconvenience for this resourceful bunch.

Tired from the eventful journey, Aldun went to his room in the Inn and rested.

The following morning he went to the cleric Rudlor Bolick. He agreed to do a little mission for him. In exchange, the Cleric would revive the two for a mere 500 coins.

Alive and well, the party went on to fulfill their end of the bargain. After all, they could hardly refuse a man that brought them back to life. The mission was simple; they were to go to an abandoned temple and kill everything in it. The cleric was also kind enough to give them a dozen flasks of holy water.

Not wanting to go into this affair without proper knowledge, they payed a visit to the town alchemist – a knowledgeable and influential man called Balric. After learning the creatures in question were carnage demons, the party decided to stack up on potions. But before that, the alchemist offered them a bargain. If the party were to bring him the eyes of the demons, they would get a number of invisibility potions in return. The party accepted.

After a short walk the abandoned temple was in sight. They proceeded to investigate the surroundings, and after defeating a skeleton, they carefully planed the attack.

The attack was a success. In a few well executed moves, the party managed to overpower the two demons and acquire the eyes. It would seem the party was becoming an efficient fighting force.

They then returned to Halkirk to claim their well-earned prize.


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