Secrets of Oerth

A Dire Situation

Our heroes found themselves in a dark room, still a bit confused of how they got there in the first place and where they were now. The party quickly shrugged the uneasy feeling away and started to search for an exit out of this pitch black coffin of a room. Suddenly Alduin, the witty little rogue, found some unusually coloured stones, the half-orc pushed him aside and without a second thought struck the spot with his rugged battle-axe and bashed through it as if it was tinder made. The crack in the wall revealed a corridor and the party slowly began strolling down the hallway only to discover that the place where they traversed was looking more and more cryptic and sinister. Dusty table tops, rotten wooden chairs and an uneasy atmosphere filled every room they found, especially this one very odd room. For this room was no ordinary room, like the others they visited, this had been a resting place for some strange creature. An open coffin and various empty picture frames slowly but surely started to shaken this once resolute group.

As they went on ahead a large bear skeleton emerged from the darkness, they crept slowly towards the monstrosity only to discover it motionless. Baltazer regained some of his courage and boldly started pulling on a bone and to their terror the giant skeleton started moving towards them. In this chaos they saw a figure endowed in the blackest of robes. Something odd and sinister was surrounding the figure as it suddenly leapt into the air and with a single swift claw beheaded the monstrous skeleton. For a few seconds the party thought that this creature was their saviour, but soon they would see the burning sensation and bloodlust in its eyes. They didn’t think twice and ran for their lives; fortunately, to their right side, there were stairs and two massive stone lids on top of the stairs which they used to reconfine the creature.

After the frightful encounter the group made their way out of the ruin whereas they saw a large number of skeletons walking about the ruin’s courtyard as if they were guarding it. Carefully they snuck through the courtyard alerting only a handful of guardian skeletons from whom they managed to slip away.

They found themselves on a plain and upon seeing a great mountain they eagerly started ascending in hope they would find the city of Halkirk in the dale of the mountain. However, they found an outpost with a pair of guards who found it difficult to believe that the party came all the way from Halkirk to the Southern parts of Hempmonaland. The party saw something shady about the two guardsmen who pointed them towards some rather unknown city, but they decided to ascend the mountain nevertheless, after all where else would they go?

After climbing a short distance they met a strange party who looked and behaved like those guards they met. The four men introduced themselves as a hunter patrol company; oddly enough they demanded some food and our heroes gladly shared rations with them. In the mountains the party decided to make camp nearby a pond, they also discovered a body seemingly long forgotten in these peaks. The lifeless bones pointed towards the pond and the party decided that their companion Jane should go check it out. He tied a rope around his waist and made his way into the murky water. His orcish eyes allowed him to see even in this complete darkness and what he saw amazed him greatly, namely, in the mud and rock there stood the statue of the god of Light – Sonron. The statue was as tall as the tallest dwarf and heavy as the heaviest gnome. While Jane was exploring the murky waters Raijingeki found a wand in the dead man’s belongings, a wand with the power of restoration. Jane emerged from the water and started pulling on the rope he had tied to the statue, with a few powerful pulls he managed to drag the statue out of the water and the whole party stood amazed at the beauty of that unique craftsmanship. When the party finally set to rest they were quite surprised at the resourcefulness of the little swampy area they had found.

After the brake they set out once again with the idea of reaching the city they heard about. All of a sudden they heard heavy footsteps, and to their horror there stood a Dire Bear, still unaware of their presence though. Dashingly they ran towards a tree when the bear took upon their scent and started growling viciously. After a few blows being dealt, the Duskblade found himself in a rather dire situation, for he could dodge the bear’s attacks no longer and his companion the half-orc had already fallen, even the swift-footed rogue was helpless for his tiny arrows Barely pierced the beast’s hide. The air reeked with death when finally their luck shifted for the better, namely, the patrol they had encountered before was passing by and decided to help the worn out combatants. A few arrows distracted the bear while the Duskblade focused his whole rage into one attack thundery which pierced the bear’s skull and fried its eyes from inside out. The dire situation was averted, but not without dire consequences, for the half-orc was still unconscious and he witnessed the sharpness of the bear’s claws with his face, later it would turn out that he likes this scar, because for some reason Orcs find that fashionable. The party was grateful towards their rescuers, but they feared the patrol would size their beloved statue; it turned out the patrol was too busy and they overlooked the great golden idol. When the air cleared the group made their way down the mountain and hid the statue.

When they came to the gates they were asked to pay a fine to the gate guards, Jane upon hearing this decided to bargain. That turned out to be a bad idea, for this was no ordinary city, in fact it was not a city at all, but rather an encampment for bandits. The bandit leader, the dwarf Herdesar, had the half-orc stripped of all of his coins for refusing to pay the fine. Jane, now upset upon his loss, wanted to leave the camp as soon as possible, but the party persuaded him to stay a bit longer so they could gather some information. They asked around for a soil good enough so that they could bury something, and a bandit, bold as he was, thought they had lost a dear friend and pointed them towards a graveyard and they managed to bury the large golden idol without being spotted. After the exhaustive digging they went back to the camp to rest for a while. The inn keeper was a man of calm temper who advised them not to make any trouble or there would be consequences. After a good night sleep they went around the camp looking for some work so that they could earn a few coins. A shady character, probably not the shadiest of the lot, told them about the arena where combatants would engage in a one on one fist fight. Jane decided to give it a try and he fell in the first round. Next up was Baltazer the Duskblade. His mind hazy and his judgement clouded because he had purchased some Devil weeds from the shady man before, but nevertheless his fists remained as hard as stone and he won a few battles earning him a fine sum of gold. Jane decided to give it another try and he won three battles in a row and he was once again in possession of gold. Herdesar the leader did not like the half-orc and challenged him to a duel. After a few blows had been dealt the dwarf fell and invited Jane to drink beer with him and he recognized him as a great warrior. Aldun also decided to fight in the arena and, to his foolishness, challenged a woman called Bliz to duel with him. What Aldun did not know is that Bliz was one of the strongest bandits in the camp, and only a handful had defeated her before. After an exhaustive battle Aldun fell to the ground and Bliz exited the arena victorious. While the group was idling about, a rather clumsy messenger sought them out and told them the mage Lezeroth summons them. They met Lezeroth an elf seven feet high with black hair falling over his long shoulders. Lezeroth informed them that he is conducting research about a new mysterious metal that appeared not long ago and since they were adventurers, he asked them if they could mine some of that mysterious metal for him. Before he could finish his thought the party presented him a large quantity of the metal they had mined before. Lezeroth was so delighted that he presented the party with gifts, a ring with the power to shatter walls and a pair of eye lenses with mind affecting abilities. He then made another proposal, namely, his colleague has not reported for days and since they were capable adventurers he would teleport them into the ruins which turned out to be the very same ruins they had fled a few days before, and the skeletons just illusions his colleague set up to keep intruders at bay. He gave them a scroll of teleportation so that they could safely teleport back after they had finished the job.

Then they were teleported and found themselves in a dark room once more; there was a wooden desk and all over it scattered scrolls like leaves in autumn. The party couldn’t make out what the scrolls were about so they quickly stuffed them all inside their bags and continued to explore. Suddenly they found traces of blood, what could have happened here, they thought to themselves. They followed the trail of blood out of the room and into the hallway when suddenly the trail stopped and they discovered the blood dripped from the celling into a little puddle. Shaken by this they went ahead and stumbled upon a stairwell which led them to a sealed stone door. The quickest among them, the Halfling Aldun, found several long stone bricks with some kind of drawings on them. They started assembling the pieces upon the stone door, when they finished the puzzle, they saw that the markings on the bricks made a mural depicting the three gods who fought and defeated an ancient evil thousands of years ago. Then, a mechanism from the other side of the wall was heard and the door slid open. Within they saw a gloomy, purple light and an altar like structure. Upon the altar lay a book which exhaled a sinister air and an eerie gloom. Above the altar was a painting of the god of death, he was presented as a skeleton dressed in a black, hooded robe. Nothing in this room indicated anything good, nevertheless, the fearless party stepped up and Aldun picked up the book, but before he could make anything of it the book sealed itself and its treasures or its miseries which were not to be seen by their eye no more.


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