Secrets of Oerth

Arrival At Halkirk

Our adventure begins with five brave souls escorting a shipment of supplies to a town called Halkirk. The town is a miserable display of decadence and peasantry, but nevertheless, a pocket of civilization in an otherwise wild and unpredictable East Torridon Forest ruled by wild elves. And as it so happens, as our adventurers were walking and minding their own business, a volley of arrows fell upon them. The merchant riding the cart full of valuable supplies died instantly as an arrow pierced his skull. It would seem that our adventurers failed in the one job they had to do, and that was to protect the merchant.

The situation was looking bad. The party was surrounded, the elves were on the trees, in the bushes and had the upper hand. But this did not discourage the party, as they quickly gathered their wits and struck back. With a few swift and well placed strikes, the tide of battle turned. Well, for some at least. Jane Jacke Dylack, the barbarian, after taking five arrows fell and was unable to fight anymore. Luckily for him the last of the elves had run off.

The party managed to capture two of the elves and planed to interrogate them later on. However, they were soon forced to move on. In the heat of battle, a tree caught fire. Against all odds, the fire spread and the party was in danger of getting caught in it. They had to leave one of the prisoners. So Mallantar Black pulled out his knife and slit the throat of the unlucky elf.

After traveling the road for two hours, and with the fire raging behind them, the party finally arrived at their destination – Halkirk. They managed to convince the town guard to let them in and they proceeded to the nearest inn to take a rest.

The following morning, the party spread out in the town and searched for ways to make money. What shall they do next?


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