Secrets of Oerth

The Ancient Ruins

After claiming their reward, the party rested awhile. They were then approached by one of the town guards. The town guard captain, Unala, wanted to speak with them. They were making quite a name for themselves, and this did not go unnoticed.

Unala explained that the interrogation of a wild elf prisoner exposed a disturbing conspiracy. Apparently, someone was tipping the wild elves about the supply caravans and as a result the attacks against them were more than succesful. The prisoner also revealed that the informer was to meet with the wild elves not far from Halkirk, in an ancient dwarven ruin. Since the informer has already been dealt with, the guards were in a curious position. They could send the party to give false information about a caravan and ambush the elves. Or they could simply kill the elves. As it would turn out, the party would go for the latter option.

Seeing that this was a rather difficult task, the silver-tongued halfling Aldun managed to persuade Unala to aid them. She assinged two of her best men to acompany the party.

Rested and assisted by two heavily armored and capable guards, the party left the town and marched on.

Even though the runins were a mere one hour of walking away, they managed to get ambushed by a band of lizardfolk. They dispatched of them quickly, but one of the guards fell after being struck by two arrows. This was to have severe consequences on his career, but that is another story. They had to drag his unconcious body back to Halkirk before continuing onward.

This time, the trip was uneventful. They ventured forth insinde the ruins. After finding out the hard way that there were traps in the dungeon, the party carefully navigated the dungeon, observant of the dangers within.

After disarming half a dozen traps, they found themselves in a room with a massive statue of a demon with a silver sword embedded it. Well, all except Jane Jacke Dylack who, with confidence born of profound ignorance, found himself seperated and in a room full of coffins. In a true grave robber fashion, he used his crowbar to pry open a coffin. Suddenly, he felt an evil force affect him. He was cursed. Surprisingly, he was undeterred by this event, and went on to open all the coffins in the room. After awekening two skeletons and being cursed another two times, he ran out of coffins. He did steal the gold name plates from the coffins, so the effort was not completley fruitless.

Meanwhile at the statue, the guard pulled the sword out of the demon and the demon came to life. The party anticipated this and prepared accordingly. The managed to quickly overcome the massive creature. But then three more undead rose up from their deep sleep, no doubt awakened by the comotion. Cought off guard and with their weapons ineffective, the fight lasted quite a bit. But quick decisions and resourcefulness carried the day.

Free of distractions, the party went on to complete their mission. Finding the elves was not hard. The elves were unaware of the party’s hostile intent and the party used this to their advantage, striking first and gaining the upper hand. Well, all except the half-orc Jane Jacke Dylack, who for some obscure reason decided to run right through the fight. Both the elves and the party were puzzled by this move. The party was however used to these bursts of insanity, so they used the confusion amongst the elves to eliminate them in mere seconds.

After looting the dead enemies, they went out of the ruins and back to Halkirk. The town guards were so pleased with them that they decided to celebrate that night with a feast. For once, the party was able to escape the misserable reality of their situation and lose themselves in drink. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.


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