Secrets of Oerth

The Arachnic Tomb

After the feast from last night Raijingeki went to the city dungeon to question the elf they had taken prisoner from their last adventure. His methods were rather cruel and he ended up killing the elf. Meanwhile Baltazer met up with a lord whom he and his company had secretly planned to rob. He tried to arrange for himself and his so called band an audience with the lord where they would perform their magnificent music. Upon hearing what they had to offer, the lord was deeply insulted and shunned them away scornfully.

Disappointed in his music as well, the Duskblade went to search for his companions. They were haggling with the dwarven blacksmith and getting ready to set out in yet another adventure. The dwarf made a request and promised a fine reward it they happen to stumble upon a strange metal which was discovered just recently, for he believed that Valhollow contained such a matter. After they made the necessary arrangements they set out into the wild guided by a skilled ranged handpicked by Unalla.

As they were traversing the wilderness at night they found an old hut and an eerie atmosphere began to rise. There was someone or something in those woods watching them. They felt those eyes creeping over their skin and whispers filling their skulls. But their mind was strong as steel and they soon found the deceiver; it was a Green Hag, a monster hiding its ugly visage behind the curtain of a young woman. The group saw through the deception and slayed the wicked creature. They continued travelling during the day and as soon as they thought their troubles had ended a giant eagle appeared out of the blue sky and tried to fetch the little Halfling Aldun, the beast had judged him wrong for he was swifter than his appearance would show. The eagle fell after a few flashing arrows. They began to dislike the wilderness with all its surprised and as they were camping yet another strange thing happened. Baltazer was out staying guard when a mysterious voice soon took over his body and spoke to him demanding the truth about his intentions; whether he would harm the forest or leave it undisturbed. Baltazer answered truthfully, for no other option was at hand, he said that they would not harm the forest in any way, and soon after that he was released from the grasp of this mysterious, yet gentle force.

Soon the company reached a village and took the time to resupply before venturing further. After catching their breath their guide said he would take them no further for they stood at the foot of the Mountain Kjarr and their destination was a short way ahead. Kjarr stood like a fortress grinding into the blue sky with its magnificent tops.

Even though it was difficult to traverse not one word of complaint came from either of them and soon they found the entrance to the infamous cave Valhollow which promised to contain vicious creatures which plagued these lands. As they entered they were surprised by a swarm of bats, but their previous experience thought them how those tiny creatures were just afraid and shocked by their torches. After the little rumble caused by the winged mice, the party set out to explore the caverns. What they saw disturbed them greatly, for on the ceiling there were those trolls they set out to hunt, the only problem was that the trolls were already dead and cocooned within webs. Their surprise was followed by an earthquake which seemed to have brought down the entrance of the cavern. Aldun casted light upon the ceiling of the cave and from above sprang a dozen of monstrous spiders; some of them tiny other rather enormous. The spiders spat out their sticky web which crippled both the Duskblade and the Barbarian; the helpless pair struggled with the webs while the other two were busy holding the spiders at bay with their bolts. The struggle continued for a while until the Barbarian flew into a rampage and tore his way through with vice in his eyes. He quickly began dispatching of the spiders that fell like chop wood before his heavy axe. As soon as they believed they’ve seen the worst of their luck suddenly another earthquake occurred which brought down the entire floor on which they were standing. They began sliding down the crevice followed by rubble; soon they found themselves at the bottom of this cavern.

The interior looked like a mine with strange ore sprouting all around the walls which they recognised to be the metal the dwarf was talking about. Another strange thing was a monolith-like object which just stood there emanating a strange aura. The group decided not to get near to it but rather examine it from afar and mine as much of the metal ore as they could carry. Baltazer lost his nerve after staying in this dark cavern for days and decided to examine the monolith closer. He took out a dagger and hurled it towards the object, he stood amazed as the dagger passed right through the stone and disappeared. He then tied a rope around another dagger and did the same; the same happened with both the dagger and the rope, but when he tried to pull the rope back only the end which stayed outside of the monolith came back. The party figured out the monolith to be some kind of a teleport, what troubled them though; it seemed that it was only a one-direction teleport. They took up the courage and jumped through the stone which took them even further than they could imagine.


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