Secrets of Oerth

The Hunt

While walking around Halkirk, the party stumbled across a message board. On it, there were various bounty posters, a militia recruitment poster and a poster calling all brave souls to a tournament that was taking place the following day.

One of the posters caught the eyes of the party – a wolverine contract with an award amounting to 350 coin.

But before embarking on this dangerous hunt, Raijingeki of Nippon and Baltezar chose to try their luck at the tournament. This was a mistake. The tournament was a disaster for both of them. Well, in truth, Raijingeki managed to defeat Lord Tarus Feagin with a crossbow, widely regarded the finest swordsman in the land. He was, however, defeated in the next fight by a mere town guard.

Baltezar’s first and last opponent was an 8 feet tall orc, Drutur. Unsurprisingly, the fight ended quickly. It took only a few strikes to defeat the duskblade. His reliance on magic proved to be a weakness in this particular tournament.

With considerable damage to their pride, the party went on to try their hand at more manageable affairs; hunting large animals. Knowing that they would get lost in the dense woods, they proceeded to find a guide. Finding one was easy. Negotiating with him was the real challenge.

After promising Arandur the Tracker 75 gold coins for his services and buying two dozen bags of caltrops, they left the city with a newfound enthusiasm. Getting lost a few times washed away the enthusiasm, but at least they were making progress.

A day passed in the travel. Finding the tracks of the beast was easy. Such a large animal inevitably leaves a lot of clues wherever it goes. After tracking it for an hour, the party managed to come close enough to it to place the traps and still plan an attack without the fear of being attacked.

They decided to draw the attention of the beast with a piece of meat, knowing that wolverines have a keen sense of smell and would pick up the scent of meat with ease. Oblivious to the danger, the beast did as predicted and entered a field of caltrops. With it’s speed cut in half, the beast struggled to approach the party – let alone attack them. It was quickly put down by a merciless volley of arrows and bolts.

The party then went on to collect the traps. But, as Arandur was soon to find out, collecting traps is a dangerous business. Trying to disarm his own bear trap, Arandur carelessly activated it, almost killing himself in the process. Baltezar used his healing skills to help Arandur and prevent him from bleeding to death. But then, remembering that they still had to pay Arandur for the services, the party decided to kill him instead. Arandur was never a good judge of character.

And as they were arguing whether to skin the animal or drag it to Halkirk, two wild elves, oblivious of the nearby danger, simply walked near the party. The party quickly reacted and killed the elves with a hail of arrows. They then finished the discussion and agreed to drag the animal corpse back to the town.

Unscathed by the wolverine or the elves, the party began their journey back to Halkirk. But the journey was not without troubles…


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